Our ambition:

  • Reconstruction of war-damaged habitats
  • Equipped free of charge with furniture for civilians, victims of the war.
  • Assisting in the reintegration of war veterans

The project in detail :

The facts:

More than 6 years that eastern Ukraine is torn by war. The Donbass was the most densely populated area of the country, but the fighting taking place there, the residential areas suffer the direct consequences: damaged houses (when they are not totally destroyed) urban infrastructures reduced to a minimum and sometimes to nothing. Vegetable gardens, the main source of food, are difficult to cultivate because of the debris left by the bombardments and are sometimes mined.

If 1.6 million people have been able to flee and have moved to the heart of their country without any structure to accommodate them, on the front line remain the pensioners, people without resources, without employment or not rich enough to be able to flee, they are left behind... Wounded, physically handicapped and mentally traumatized, single-parent families and orphans following the death of one or both parents, so the war has been going on for 6 years, the aid is not enough at present, everyone is doing as they can but the needs are great and the damage considerable.

According to the report of the International Crisis Group (1/10/2018) 800,000 civilians live in these areas devastated by the conflict and 200,000 people live less than 10 kilometers from the Line of Contact, within range of heavy artillery fire.

For the soldiers fighting in this conflict, many of whom were conscripted at the beginning of it, the damage are also heavy. Ukraine currently has 370,000 veterans, more than 10% of whom are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder according to the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine and 50% according to the Ukrainian NGO Hope for Ukraine who work with veterans in Ukraine. The majority of them are struggling to reintegrate into civilian life, almost half suffer from discrimination and 33% (122 100 people) are unemployed, according to a World Bank study. Among them there are more than 20,000 physical war invalids and, according to the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, there were 1,000 suicides of veterans in 2018. Here post-traumatic combat stress disorder is taking its toll.
The conflict in Ukraine is being erased from the media, yet it is still active, so in Ukraine a humanitarian crisis of a currently underestimated magnitude is silently unfolding.

Our project:

In front of this observation and thanks to our experience in the field (with the civilian population in the contact zone and also with the veterans during the art therapy workshops) it became obvious that it was necessary to act not only to help in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the habitats of the war victims in the Donbass, but also to work for the social and professional reintegration of the veterans who are more and more numerous. Thus, with the creation of the Motanka charity fund recycling workshop we will be able to carry out our aid actions jointly on both issues: war victims, civilians & veterans.

Our first step for this project is to create the Motanka workshop!
A workshop for recycling materials and repairing broken, used objects.
In a way, it is the repair of men and their belongings through the recycling of materials.

Economic, ecological & ethical are the key words of this workshop whose objectives are :

The creation of furniture at a lower cost that will allow :

  • Equipping free of charge the inhabitants of Donbass who have lost everything.
  • Develop and create employment for war veterans and refugees (trained and employed in the workshop)
  • Generate a production of ethically and ecologically useful furniture and objects at economic prices, to sell them nationally and internationally in order to generate profits to finance our missions of reconstruction of the damaged habitats in the Donbass, in the war zone, as well as to develop the employment of war veterans and refugees in the peace zone.

  • *** By providing a creative and remunerative professional activity to veterans, we enable them to regain a place in civil society, helping them to break out of isolation, states of combat neurosis and, for some of them, alcoholism. By recycling and recuperation we will help them to rebuild what the war has destroyed: the property of the Ukrainians living in the Donbass and themselves, thus re-establishing a link from human to human and not from soldier to civilian. We will help them to bring to fruition what their hands and imagination can create, we will help them to use their creativity to generate income, to live by their know-how and to reconnect peacefully with civil society. Through this activity, war veterans and refugees will not only find employment, but will also give the people on the front line the material goods that the war has destroyed, and generate through the sales of these pieces of furniture the funds needed to repair the damaged houses on the front line.***

    To implement this project, we need your help and support!

    Whether it's 1 euro or 10,000 whatever, the important thing is that if everyone gives a little, together we will make it happen, thus creating the first necessary step to self generate ethical financial funds to carry out important and necessary humanitarian actions! As the French proverb says: "small rivers make great rivers"..

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