March 2019

The Motanka charity fund is created « I have been working in the Donbass for 2 years, I have travelled almost 2/3 of the way to meet the inhabitants (...) and I really hoped to be able to testify about what is happening, unfortunately it is a very complicated subject to publish, With time I have created many links with grandmothers, with families living in these conditions, I helped them as much as I could but it was really not enough, I couldn't help enough and so I decided to create a charity fund to try to help them »..

Video in Ukrainian and French, Interview with the founder of Motanka, discussion on the creation of the charity fund ( after the twenty-first minute ) :

Video in Ukrainian only :

October 2019

Art therapy for veterans of the Donbass war:
The Ukrainian press is talking about our actions:

Since October 2019 we started art therapy session at the veterans rehabilitation center in the ukrainian city of Lutsk with the psychologist Oléna Zvereva. These sessions mixing drawing and photography aim to help veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder to progress in the psychoanalysis they follow at the center.

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