Who we are?

The Motanka project is a citizen initiative

The name Motanka was chosen because the Motanka doll is the Ukrainian symbol of the protection of the home. The website Organisation Motanka represents the French association Motanka (statute law 1901) which aims to help and support the populations victims of the war in Ukraine.
To carry out its action, the French association Motanka works with the Ukrainian charity fund Motanka present on the spot and can thus ensure the great running of each aid and mission.
The objective of the French association Motanka is to give back a decent place to live to the victims of the conflict that is still going on in Ukraine and to allow the local population to rebuild in the present in order to imagine and build the future. Our actions are mainly focused on housing repairs and employment.

We are convinced that believing in something is not enough, that we must fight for what we believe otherwise our values no longer exist, they will only be wind. Nothing will change if nobody acts, because there is no hero who comes to settle everything for us. This person is us! It's all of us!

Act, do what you can and best, put your brick on the ground, and someone else will put his brick on it and step by step things will be built. It does not depend on an individual but on each little gesture of each individual.

It's building, it's sowing, it's moving forward, changing things, not being a spectator.

Each of us bringing his brick. Because it is in this type of initiative that the word « Together » takes all its strength, that we invite you to follow us, support us, contribute, share, like, be there simply... As Gandhi rightly said, « Be the change that you wish to see in the world.»

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